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Pressed Little Brown Mice

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Your pet will love playing with and chasing around our Little Brown Mice. Not only are they 100% natural and eco-friendly, they are soft and cute which means no injuries for your cat.
Save your sofa and other fabric home furnishings from your cat’s paws by giving them this great little mouse toy to exercise their natural instincts and chase around the house. 
All our Wool Spring Toys are handmade with love and care for your pet. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, chemical free and coloured with non-toxic organic dye. 
The wool toys are designed for pets for chasing and pawing. Please ensure you are responsible for supervising your children and pets whilst playing with this toy. This toy is made of pure wool and therefore has wool fibres, so be careful if it gets chewed. If your pet starts to shred, tear apart or eat the wool toy, immediately take away from animal.