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Fish Shape Toothbrush | Cat Health

In the wild, cats usually clean their teeth by chewing on bones or grass… Domestic cats often don’t have a suitable replacement for this. Ensuring you actively encourage your cat to clean their teeth is key to their health and happiness.

Introducing: The Fish Shape Toothbrush. Soft, comfortable and durable, it is made from pet-safe silicone material, is easy to clean and effectively helps your cat clean their teeth. Happy hooman, happy kitty!

Your cat will LOVE this little tool because it contains an elastic pouch that can be filled with catnip, attracting cats to use/chew and play with it. Guaranteed paw of approval.



PROMOTES TEETH HEALTH | This chewing toy helps promote teeth cleaning, preventing gym disease and keeping breath smelling fresh.

DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN | The rubber material is very durable, suitable for daily use for extended periods, and is super easy to clean! Simply clean before & after your cat chews on it by hand-rinsing it. 

SAFELY SUITABLE FOR ALL CATS | The shape of the toy will naturally attract your cat to play with it, the design and material will ensure it is safe to do so.


Available in blue and pink colors.

Hand Made For A Good Cause

Every single Cat Cave is hand made with love, using 100% eco-friendly materials. No nasties. Just beautiful cat beds that are good for the world. Supporting women in under-developed communities.

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