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Natural Catnip Dental Stick | Cat Health

Dubbed as ‘The Natural Toothbrush for Cats’, the Catnip Stick prevents tooth and gum disease, promotes fresh breath and reduces build-up of plague. Everything your cat needs to stay healthy and happy.



Made from natural plant shoots, the Matatabi is a plant that cats are very fond of. 

Matatabi promotes relaxation and calmness, increases appetite and stabilises blood pressure. The plant has been used in Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine for centuries and is well-known for its health benefits, including teeth cleaning & oral wellness. 

As well as looking after the health of your kitten’s teeth, these sticks naturally stimulate the play instinct: catnip is naturally appealing to cats as they are drawn to the smell and taste of it. Loved by kittens worldwide, precisely for this reason.

A perfect addition to your cat’s dental grooming routine.


(Each purchase comes with 5 x Catnip Sticks)

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