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Scratching Slope | Cat Scratching

Want to encourage scratching (which is beneficial for your cat’s health) whilst protecting your furniture? 

Our Scratching Slope gives your feline(s) a perfect balance of health and fun. Save your furniture and home surfaces from claws and make the Scratching Slope your cat’s ultimate destination for scratching (as well as playing, relaxing and hiding)! A great addition for your fluffy friend's daily life, and a saviour for your home & furnishing. Healthy kitten, happy you!


Why should you encourage scratching and what are some key benefits?

Cats have an instinctive need to scratch. It's a normal thing, part of their natural behaviour. Don't discourage the act of scratching, instead train your cat to scratch the surface you want them to scratch... Cue the Scratching Slope!

Scratching removes the dead layerofclaws and helps to keep them clean and sharp. It's part of paw grooming and should be promoted as part of your kitten's healthy lifestyle.

While scratching, cats love to stretch. This promotes muscle development, muscle toning, enhances balance and drives flexibility.

Our Scratching Slope is a multi-functional must-have, that promotes cat health, encourages play time and prevents furniture/home surface destruction by claw scratching. It even features 2 height settings, adjustable to meet your cat's preferences and needs.



  • Comfortable, large scratch surface, suitable for all cat sizes
  • The ultimate tool for climbing, which cats love as it’s a natural instinct
  • Allows for daily stretching, which has many health benefits
  • Encourages claw scratching - an essential part of your cat’s health
  • Features maximum paw control for comfort
  • Helps all cats stay fit. Helps senior cats reach high(er) areas


  • Elegant and understates design. Features neutral colors that blend seamlessly with any home decor
  • A great tool that keeps your cat entertained whilst you’re working, doing chores or are whilst cats are home alone 
  • Can be positioned to reach multiple surfaces such as beds and sofas
  • Also suitable for dogs and/or other house pets such as hamsters, rabbits, ferrets and more
  • Handmade & delivered fully assembled
  • Can hold up to 65lbs in weight


Tested & Loved by Scratching Slope lovers worldwide!


Size: 30” Length x 15” Width with 2 height settings.

Shipping: Currently approximately 4 weeks to the USA. Feel free to contact us at any time at if you have any questions or refer to our FAQ pages.

Hand Made For A Good Cause

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