3 Ways Cats Show Their Love/Affection

3 Ways Cats Show Their Love & Affection

Have you ever thought about your cats' love language and heard that such a thing exists?

In fact, most kitties show to their owners when they are pleased and satisfied with their presence and existence.

I will give you here 3 ways cats show their love/affection, but the list is practically endless and includes kisses, chirps, grooming, mews, and gestures.

Sometimes, these signs are subtle, and you can overlook them if you are not concentrated enough. The way your furry friend shows its love will depend on its inspiration at a particular moment.

Eye Contact

Believe it or not, your beloved kitty will show you affection through its eyes. When you spot it looking at you with half-closed eyes, be aware that it trusts you, accepts you as one of its own, and enjoys your company.

Sometimes it will slowly blink, which represents the real cat's kisses. Such communication full of love is something you should always treat seriously as the ultimate proof of trust.

The best way to show your furry friend that you love it the same way is to give it a cat kiss back.

Body Language

  • Tail movements

It has always sounded strange to me, but a cat's tail is an emotional barometer that will show you everything about this weird creatures' current emotional state. It may include fears, aggression, happiness, and ultimate affection.

Your kitty will show you how much it loves you by twining its tail around your hand or leg, fluffing out the tail base, and holding it upright and slightly bent at the top.

Some experts call these movements a 'happy tail dance.'

  • Head-butts and cheek rubs

Head-butting and rubbing its chin against your body means that your kitty affectionately marks you as its beloved human. It is also the way to mark its territory by spreading the scent on you.

Scent glands on their chins will denote you as its property or the best friend. When it comes to cats, you can't be sure which of the two is correct.

If you want to encourage socialization with a cat, extend your index finger toward it at the nose level.

When the kitty wants to greet you, it will come and touch your finger with its nose and then touch it with the cheek. That means it likes you.

  • Kneading

The first kneading appears when a kitten wants to stimulate the mother’s milk flow. When an adult cat does that with you, it shows that it accepts you as a family member.

Plus, these movements activate scent glands in its paws, making you marked as its property or beloved human being. I am not sure which of the two.

  • Presenting the behind and showing its tummy

Presenting the behind is probably not a pleasing experience for you, but it is an ultimate sign of trust if you ask your cat.

Sniffing the butt is the equivalent of a human handshake and means that you are positioned high at its friend's list.

Showing the tummy is another way for a kitty to show its absolute trust in you.

This gesture is a sign that it feels safe and comfortable in your presence.

Once your furry friend starts stretching and rolling in front of you, you can be sure that it loves you limitless.

Meowing and Purring

  • Meowing

Meowing is the cat's universal language saying that it entirely trusts you. The fact is that kitties rarely meow in the company of other representatives of their species.

They mostly use this particular vocalization to interact with their owners and other people they love.

Don't expect your kitty to meow next to people it doesn't love. Only a cat that adores you will rush to the front door and meow to show you how much it misses you.

Also, be careful with cats meowing too much and too often. It is maybe hungry or has some other requirement like a clean litter box.

  • Purring

In most cases, purring is a sign of the cat's pleasure. It asks for your close contact and purrs to show you that it is satisfied with cuddling and grooming, for example.

Most experts agree that purring means request not to stop with cuddling, an unequivocal declaration of love, and enjoyment in bonding time.

Much like meowing, cats won't purr next to humans they don't like or other cats.

Even though it is a clear sign that it feels safe and enjoys your company, it may sometimes be a warning that your baby is in pain.


Cats are experts in subtle communication and have a system to show you love and affection.

In most cases, you can expect specific body language, vocalization, and eye contact with slow blinking that is the kitty's way to show you kisses.

Sometimes, you can count on gestures like putting its butt in front of your face or awful gifts like dead mice and bugs.

Don't be disgusted since this weird behaving means your furry friend adores you, trusts you, and wants to impress you.


Jovanka Panic

My name is Jovanka Panic. I am a writer, translator, veterinarian, humanitarian, and passionate traveler.

After playing with white bears and elephants in the Belgrade ZOO and dealing with the Rabies virus in the Institute Pasteur, I enjoy writing.

My five beasts are my ultimate love, including three cats (Clementine, Josephine, and Sophia) and their 'mom' American Stafford Terrier (Malena).

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