Our Story

As a family owned company, Cat Cave Co was born out of collaboration between a brother and sister, who came together for their love of cats and sustainability. 

After having cats for 15+ years, we realised there was a complete lack of different and eco-friendly products on the market. So we decided to tackle one thing at a time... Holly discovered amazingly talented women in Nepal who could hand felt just about anything from organic wool. She wanted something that was good for the environment. Made from all natural organic materials and ethically sourced wool. Incorporating the shape of a cave, to give cats a sense of safety and protection. And of course, something that looked beautiful and unique. A cave-shaped cat bed made out of eco-friendly materials, available in a unique range of beautiful colours and designs, Cat Cave Co was born.

Two years later with 10.000+ customers around the world, our cat caves are loved by both cats and cat parents worldwide. Featuring endless new designs for everyone and a 5-star cat seal of approval.

Since the start we decided to focus our brand on giving back by paying our workers 200% the average wage to help transform local communities. We’re proud to say that every purchase supports women in need by providing them with well paid work.

As well as giving back to local shelters and rescues, we also support the Organic Pet Products movement. 

What’s next for Cat Cave Co? We have many new surprises and upcoming launches of more eco-friendly pet products and health supplies in store for you.

Join the ride by purchasing your first Cat Cave today!