5 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe on the 4th of July

5 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe on the 4th of July

We all get excited about fireworks on the 4th of July, a celebration of Independence. But did you know fireworks bright colors and loud sounds can terrify your cat and may cause them to run away?

More pets run away (approx. 7.6 million) on 4th of July than any other day of the year. July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters due to reported lost pets. Sadly, less than 30% of pets are returned to their owners and a whopping 35% are euthanized annually. 

**We like to point out declawed cats are in a vulnerable state if they run away because they can't defend themselves and more likely to be attacked and killed. Please don't declaw cats and take away their defense mechanism.**

In order to avoid the above statistics and keep your pet safe, please keep these 5 tips in mind:

1. Make sure your pet has a visible ID tag with name and address in case they run away. Now, most pets are microchipped allowing for easy Identification and returning pets to their owners safely.

2. Take a recent picture of your pet! Keep an up to date picture in case they run away so that your neighbors and community can identify them more easily.

3. Play with them during the day. Arrange activities during the day for your pet to get their energy out. This will allow them to settle down more easily at night during the loud displays.

4. Create a safe haven for them to retreat. We highly recommend you choose a room in the house and turn on music or the tv to muffle out the fireworks sound. Place their bed in the room and a few toys for them to play with. This will help them stay calm and able to lounge without being startled.

5. Keep a look out! If you are hosting a party, we highly recommend you ask your guests to keep a look out for your pet(s). Cats are curious and tend to sneak out without being noticed. It's wise to make an announcement beforehand so everyone is aware. 

We hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July! 

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