5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

5 Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

It’s not easy raising a baby tiger, we hear you! But with the right knowledge at your fingertips, you can be a truly pawesome cat parent. 

Here are our top 5 mistakes to avoid...

  1. Getting dietary advice from the pet store

It might be tempting to do this, but make sure you ask your veterinarian instead. He or she will know more about feline diets and digestive systems than any pet store assistant. Store assistants may not know, for example, that kitties that eat too fast are prone to regurgitating.

  1. Giving too many cuddles

One of the biggest ways to make kitty grumpy is to smother them too much. So go gently, and if kitty nips then you know it's time to stop. A cat massager is a great alternative way to bond with kitty when they don't feel like a full-on snuggle session.

  1. Not cleaning the litter box

Cats are extremely clean and picky little creatures. And they get upset when their toilet isn't cleaned every day. They might find other places to poop, or they might ruin their lovely fur using that dirty litter. So be warned! This is a miracle tool (cat scooper) that can help.

  1. Forgetting kitty's teeth!

Just like you look after your own pearly whites, kitty also needs tooth care now and then. Even if they look pretty healthy, you never know what's going on in there until you get them checked by the vet. 

  1. Neglecting kitty's claws

Claws can get out of hand sometimes. Especially if you have an indoor cat who isn't out climbing trees and wearing down those talons. 

Those are just some of the mistakes to avoid when you have a tiny tiger in your home. We hope you found them useful!

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