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are orchids poisonous to cats

Are Orchids Poisonous To Cats? Expert Reveals

October 07, 2019

Are Orchids Poisonous To Cats?

There’s nothing like having some beautiful flowers around your home. Fresh flowers can turn a place into a comfortable living space, and at least not only you appreciate them, correct! Your kitty likes them too. 

As we’re cat lovers, we do like seeing them walking around, playing and enjoying themselves at home, and that’s why we want to make sure there’s nothing around them that can be possibly harmful, and it could concern us that having plants might be dangerous. And because of this, we must be aware of what our cats put into their mouths. 

Our cat’s safety goes first. We want to prevent any risky situation for them, so here you’ll find out if orchids are dangerous to cats. Join us!


We've heard scary stories of toxic plants that could attempt against your cat's health or cause death, and we simply don’t know which ones could cause harm to our furry friends. 

But is the orchid a plant that we should keep away from our cats? The good news is, orchids aren’t toxic! According to scientific research orchids are completely non-toxic but there are some things you should know about.

But no one recommends to let your cat eat orchid flowers; the reason is it can cause an upset tummy in your cat, nothing more than that, but we might want to prevent our kitties from this, and here’s when we need to stop them from destroying the plant!

While you can grow your beautiful orchid at home now you might make sure the plant is safe from being your cat’s snack, that’s why we will give some tips that can help you with this.


We want to keep our plants away from our cats that could easily enjoy them as a snack, but it’s okay because with these few tips you will be able to grow your plants again without being scared they might get destroyed later  

Check this out! 

  • Having an exclusive room or a small section at home where you can close the door, can be very helpful to keep them away from your kitty. You’ll like the next tip if you don’t have much space at home. 

  • Make your cat repellent! It’s very easy to make, you’ll just need some cinnamon powder or cayenne pepper, both will work good. Then dust some of it in your orchid’s leaves, very easy and effective. 

  • Another good tip! My grandmother uses hanging pots and hooks to keep her plans safe from Tom; her beloved Persian cat, and it does work, also orchids look more exotic when hanging.  


To make it simple, yes! You can go buy your orchid! Just protect it from your cat, remember you like the orchid and your cat too, and once your kitty eats a flower she might not feel well because it can cause your cat to have an upset stomach.   

Sometimes is hard to have an exclusive space for our plants, so remember grandma’s tip, some cinnamon or Cayenne pepper will protect your plants. Also hanging pots make orchids look prettier at home and cats won’t get any closer to your orchids if you try this  


Are orchids toxic to cats? 

If you're wondering about orchids and cats as well as if they are toxic or potentially deadly the answer is no! All cat experts agree that orchids are perfectly safe around cats although it's not recommended to have them within reach.

The worst that can happen is a serious upset stomach if your cat decides to chomp on your orchids although it's unusual for this to happen. With that said that are some plants that are toxic to cats which you should be aware of.

Why do cats eat plants? 

Cats eat plants and even orchids for a few different reasons. One of the main reasons that cats eat plants is they're actually lacking something in their diet. Cats commonly eat house plants and more likely grasses because of a deficiency in certain nutrients.

But do not worry, eating grasses is perfectly normal and healthy for your kitty. If they eat something that is bad for them or causing them an upset stomach its common for them to eat grasses so they can then vomit.

What you do not want is for them to eat lots of flowers or orchids. One because you don't want to lose your precious orchids and also because its possible they have a little upset tummy.

How can you stop your cats from destroying your plants?

You can easily prevent your cat or at least deter them from eating your orchids or plants by using spices such as cinnamon or cayenne pepper which they are naturally repelled by.

Holly Hudson

Mad cat lady, expert and creator of the Cat Cave Co.

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