Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Nowadays, we can define the life-stages of our cats. We consider them elderly after their eleventh birthday, senior cats are those aged between 11 to 14 years, and geriatric (super senior) kitties are the ones older than fifteen.

I have three cats, and all of them have unique feeding habits, especially the older one who entirely changed their taste after they have turned ten. Therefore, I needed to choose the new, best cat food for older cats on the market to keep them healthy and happy.

How to Feed Your Senior Cat

Your cat that weighs on average 8 pounds (3.6 kg) will probably need approximately 240 calories per day. It is excellent, but two of my cats are heavier, and they are obviously not 'within the average,' which means that it took some time to define the ideal amount of food they need.

Once you do it, your cat will be satisfied for years, with some variations depending on the season, the level of their daily activities, and their age. Even though your cats are creatures of habit, and they will probably keep eating as often as always, you should change the type of food and cut portions over the years.

What is Excellent Food for the Senior Cats?

As an almost strict carnivore, your kitty needs meat to stay healthy, long-lived, and active. It is your responsibility to define the type of food with high-quality and excellently digestible ingredients for your pet concerning their age.

In general, top-nutritive food for cats, made of beef, poultry, and fish, contains at least 8% protein and 4% fat (wet food) or 28% protein and 10% fat (dry food). One more thing! You should always look for the content of taurine in the food you buy because that ingredient of proteins is highly beneficial for the heart of your senior cat.

When you become an owner of an older cat, you should consider some changes in its feeding routine.

Moisture - If your senior cat has lost one or more teeth, or their gums are more sensitive, you will need to adjust its diet. Therefore, it is high time to provide excellent canned food for your beloved pet to make chewing painless and more comfortable for them. Plus, you will decrease the risk of dehydration, the common issue in elderly kittens.

Vitamins and minerals - Packed with necessary vitamins and essential minerals, there is high-quality food on the market specifically designed for senior cats. The percentage of those ingredients varies depending on the brand you choose.

Probiotics - Those ingredients deserve your special attention since they are helpful for your cat's sensitive stomach and digestive system.

Fiber - You may expect that your senior kitty needs slightly more fiber, which will help with solving possible difficulties with digestion.

Calories - If you are a proud owner of a beautiful cat (or I should say - if a cat is your owner), you have already noticed that they are less active as the years go by. Consequently, your kitty will burn fewer calories during the day.

If you don't change their food on time, your pet will probably become obese and prone to infections. I am sure that you don't want your kitty to become one of 60% of cats in the US who are more or less overweight.

Therefore, always keep in mind that food designed for seniors contains a lower level of calories. That means that your cat may eat a regular amount of food, but it will be less caloric.

Over the years, your cat may face the following problems:

  • Elasticity of skin
  • The acuity of hearing and eyesight
  • Sense of smell
  • Dental health issues
  • Lung capacity
  • Heart function
  • Fat absorption
  • Loss or gain weight
  • Problems with thyroids or kidneys

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the food you offer to your senior cat may impact how long they will live.

That means that you are the one who can help them live as a quality and healthy life as possible. Let's do it together.

The Short Review of Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Before deciding which food is the best choice for your beloved older cat, you should read labels and figure out what ingredients are included in every particular product.

I will give you my best shots here in the hope that your kitty will enjoy the food as well as my three princesses, including the eldest one.

1 - Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Aging 12+ Canned Cat Food

When it comes to excellent food for older cats, I usually look for reliable and proven manufacturers. Therefore, I wanted to try this product when my old Lady celebrated their twelfth birthday.

Judging by my cat's reaction, it seems that this food, packed in a 3-ounce (85 g), is a real pleasure. Thanks to its wet recipe, this meal is comfortable to chew and delicious even for picky senior cats.

Plus, it is an excellent choice thanks to glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids content. I can tell you that this wet food has made a big difference and improved my furry friend's ability to get around.



  • This food is an ideal choice for supporting the cat's joints and reducing the effects of arthritis, thanks to glucosamine and fatty acids content
  • It combines a perfect ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  • This fantastic meal contains lower levels of phosphorus, which is essential for kidneys to stay healthy
  • It has an ideal texture for cats with highly-sensitive teeth


  • You can't offer this food to your cat with an allergy to any of the ingredients, especially chicken part
  • Some cats refuse to eat this food without any particular reason
  • Many consumers complain about the change in the formula of this product and pork liver add-on
  • This product is a bit expensive but, honestly, it is worth every cent

2 - Ziwi Peak Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

This product is the best food for elderly cats New Zealand can offer. Where else can you find such delicious food for your cat made of 100% grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef? Moreover, those free-range cows originate from sustainable farms.

Except for fresh meat, bones, and entrails, another fantastic feature is that this product contains 3% green lip mussels. That is excellent because they are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, the essential ingredients for senior cats who need support for their joints.

This manufacturer also offers food for cats made of chicken, mackerel, lamb, wild-caught blue mackerel, and sustainably certified Hoki fish.

Therefore, there is no need for further search if you have more than one cat of different ages like an impressive 51% of households in the US, including my own. This food provides everything your kitties need.


  • This product contains a high level of necessary animal proteins
  • It is soft and moist enough even for the oldest and pickiest kitties
  • The manufacturer doesn't add any soy, grains, corn, or rice as well as sugars, potatoes, glycerin, and harmful preservatives in this food
  • This food is so clean that you won't feel awful odor in your kitchen once you throw an empty can away


  • It is a quite expensive product, but worth of money
  • There are indications that you should avoid using this food for senior cats with digestion problems or frequent constipation


3 - Nutro Max Adult Wet Canned Cat Food Chicken Supreme

Their premium nutritious food is available in numerous varieties of flavors, but this particular one is an excellent choice for your senior cat, including the pickiest ones.

Full of nutrients, essential taurine, minerals, and vitamins, this wet food also includes 8% protein, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Moreover, it doesn't contain harmful by-products, as well as artificial colors or flavors.

You can be sure that every can will provide highly nutritive chicken meat, chicken broth (for flavor and moisture), chicken and beef liver (for protein and fat) and potato starch for your kitty.

The chicken meat in a delicious sauce is one more benefit since most cats prefer that flavor. However, you shouldn't pick out this product if your cat is allergic to poultry or wheat gluten.

On the other hand, a high level of moisture those cans provide is a perfect choice for your senior kitty that needs to stay well hydrated. Plus, this food won't cause any issue with an upset stomach.


  • It contains real chicken meat without by-products
  • This food low in carbs and phosphorus provides balanced nutrients for your senior cat
  • You can choose between cans of 3 ounces (85 g) and 5 ounces (140 g) at an affordable price
  • If your cat refuses to eat this food, the manufacturer offers a full refund
  • It is made in the US


  • This product contains wheat gluten which is an allergen
  • Even though pork plasma added to this food is highly nutritious for cats, many cat owners hate this ingredient and consider it controversial

4 - Blue Buffalo Blue Freedom Grain Free Indoor Chicken Senior Canned Cat Food

This grain-free food for senior cats contains the best protein-rich chicken to support the healthy development of your cat's muscle. Also, there is the right portion of antioxidants, taurine, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, as well as an excellent mix of necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy.

The absence of by-product meals, corn, grains, or soy, makes this meal an excellent choice for your senior cat sensitive to these ingredients. From my experience, it is definitely the food of choice if your pet suffers from various allergies.

I really appreciate the fact that this recipe includes cranberries, well-known as plants which help cats overcome problems connected with the proper functioning of the urinary tract.

An adequate percentage of beneficial fibers this food contains will help your kitty push hairballs more quickly through their intestine. You will find out one more advantage of this choice since litter box odor will be surprisingly minimized.


  • This grain-free food contains first-rate natural ingredients without poultry by-product and artificial preservatives
  • It provides an excellent source of omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, taurine, minerals, and vitamins
  • Excellently balanced calories will help your kitty maintains healthy body weight
  • It is made in the US


  • This product contains carrageenan, and you should avoid it if your cat has any stomach issues
  • It is a quite expensive product


5 - Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food Senior Chicken

For those cat owners who prefer dry food, this package is a perfect choice. Specially formulated for less-active senior cats, this food is made of natural, deboned chicken.

I am satisfied with the content of L-carnitine, which helps the metabolism of my kitty, glucosamine, necessary to support her joints, as well as with a bunch of essential vitamins, minerals, taurine, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids this product contains.

The manufacturer provides an almost ideal meal for your beloved cat without by-products, wheat, soy, corn, and artificial preservatives.

On the other hand, it contains natural ingredients such as fantastic cranberries, which will keep your cat's urinary tract health and without harmful bacteria.

There is also rosemary full of beneficial antioxidants, as well as flaxseed and probiotics for easier digestion in elderly cats with a slow metabolism.


  • Made of natural, deboned chicken, this food contains necessary L-carnitine, glucosamine, vitamins, and minerals
  • It is entirely free of by-products, wheat, soy, corn, and artificial preservatives
  • It is made in the US


  • Some cats simply refuse to eat this food without any particular reason
  • This product is quite pricey



Even though I quite often change food for my cats, especially the senior one, and I am highly satisfied with all the products listed above, my clear winner of the roundup is definitely Blue Buffalo Blue Freedom Grain Free Indoor Chicken Senior Canned Cat Food.

Not only will your kitty adore the best protein-rich chicken, but they will get the highly nutritious food full of valuable antioxidants, taurine, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, as well as an excellent mix of vitamins and minerals they need.

Moreover, your senior pet will enjoy the delicious meal free of by-product meals, corn, grains, or soy, especially if they are sensitive to these ingredients or suffer from some other kind of allergies.

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