Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

If there’s a cat that doesn’t love to climb, we haven’t met it yet! Most cat parents solve this by getting their furry friends a cat tree to climb on and scratch against.

However, not all cat trees are built equally. If you have a large cat, the struggle is real. Not every cat tree gives a big kitty room to land and move around, or has a big enough spot to hide.

Even worse, some cat trees just aren’t sturdy enough to take a strong leap from a large cat.

We definitely understand the dilemma (we want our big cat working out too!). With that in mind, we decided to find the best cat trees for large cats.

 Our Top Pick: FEANDREA 67in Cat Tree For Large Cats

 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

There are plenty of reasons to love this cat tree. It’s clearly made for big cats, and even the largest cats have plenty of room to move. If you have more than one large cat, don’t worry.

This is a multi-cat friendly tree. It looks good too, with a design that looks like an upscale playhouse for cats.

There’s plenty of room for scratching, since every post is wrapped in sisal rope. Three platforms sit at the top for comfortable napping, wherever they choose.

What we really noticed though, was the toys hanging from the bottom of each platform. There are also two plushy ‘condo’ boxes for cats that like to peek out and stay hidden.

Overall, it’s hard to beat this cat tree if you have a big kitty. It’s a surprising value too, and more affordable than most others of comparable size.

What we really loved best though, was how safe and sturdy it is. It’s reinforced again and again to ensure it won’t get knocked over, and when it comes to our pets, peace of mind is everything.


  • Extremely sturdy (reinforced, too) and safe
  • Very plushy perch areas
  • Two spots to hide
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Cats love the sisal slope


  • Some assembly required

 Second Choice: Armarkat 68-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

Armarkat 68-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

While it was very close, the Armarkat cat tree is our second pick for overall favorite. The first thing you’ll notice is how nice it looks. It’s not often you’ll see a cat tree and think about a great appearance.

Still, it’s nice when you can make your cats happy and keep your decor in the spotlight.

Cats love napping on the faux fleece, especially if they prefer a warm area to sleep. Like some of the other cat trees we reviewed, there are ten sisal scratching posts.

However, the real knockout with this one is the whopping five platforms it has. Usually when you’re looking around, that many platforms means a much higher price tag.

That said, it’s not the case with this one, and it’s one of the more affordable cat trees.

We also really love the pride Armarkat takes in their cat products. It’s clearly really high quality, but it’s safe and sturdy for large cats too. As with anything else for our fur babies, safety is the highest priority.


  • Excellent value
  • Includes 5 platforms, and 10 sisal posts
  • Very sturdy
  • Easier assembly than most cat trees
  • Comfortable, warm faux fleece
  • Matches any room decor


  • Does require some assembly (although it’s an easy, 4 step process)

Best Super-Sized Cat Tree: Trixie Adiva Cat Playground

Trixie Adiva Cat Playground

There are really big cat trees, and then there’s the Adiva Cat Playground from Trixie. It’s a huge threat for any cat, provided you make space for it!

While there are just two main platforms, don’t let that fool you. This cat tree reaches about five feet tall. So if you have a cat that takes perching seriously, this is their ultimate dream.

Even at first glance, you can tell it earned the name ‘playground.’ There are tons of surfaces covered in sisal, not least of which is the ten scratching posts.

But there’s also a ladder covered in sisal, and a cute sisal covered slide panel. For really mischievous cats, there’s even a play tunnel they can crawl into and peek out of.

This cat tree is definitely good for homes with more than one cat, but it’s great for huge cats too. Even larger Maine Coons and Ragdolls are supported and comfortable.


  • Very large, and tall (5 feet)
  • Plenty of entertaining space
  • Tons of sisal
  • Two condos, and padded perches
  • Play tunnel is a feline favorite


  • Pricier than some other cat trees

Easiest Option: New Cat Condos Large Cat Play Perch

cat condo

We’ll admit it, we love our cats, but we hate complicated assembly for their toys. This cat tree is by far the easiest route if you’re looking for a good cat perch, no assembly required.

Just open the box, take it out, and let your cats enjoy. With three different levels, your cat doesn’t lack a choice for where to hang, but you also don’t have to hassle with a huge package.

Cats seem to love the plushy carpet covering. On the other hand, we love how sturdy it is. Where some cat trees use less sturdy or solid material, like particle board, this is all wood.

If you have a big cat, you already know a flimsy material won’t work. Really, the whole thing is made of high quality material, like household grade carpet.

While we love how easy it is, there are plenty of little bonuses you’ll notice along the way.

For instance, the dangle toy (a favorite for cats!), and the sisal rope, which is unoiled, and safer for cats.

Don’t even worry about weight with this one, according to the manufacturer, each platform holds up to 50 pounds!


  • High quality materials
  • No assembly required
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Each platform supports 50 lbs
  • Very plush carpet


  • Not as tall as others

Value Pick: Go Pet Club 48″ Cat Tree For Large Cats

48 in

This Go Pet Club tree is the ideal balance of affordability and fun for your cats. It comes with a surprisingly low price tag, especially considering everything it includes.

It’s taller than most cat trees in the same price range too, so even the most avid climbers are satisfied. We’re pleased with all the little toys and spaces it has, maybe even almost as much as the cats are.

The stairs at the bottom provide the perfect place to climb, crawl through, or peek between. It gets even better as cats climb up though.

Tall posts are wrapped in sisal for the perfect scratching place. Then, there’s a cute little condo for hiding in (don’t worry it’s big enough for any cat!).

On the underside of each of the two platforms, there’s a dangle toy and rope, which is ideal for cats that don’t like to share.


  • Tons of spaces for cats to peek through
  • Great value and price
  • Two toys on each platform
  • Ideal for multiple cats
  • Keeps cats more active


  • There’s a fair amount of assembly required (the directions are good though)

Why Get a Cat Tree?

Cat trees are designed to cater to the natural feline instinct to climb and claw. Of course, your cat might be exercising those instincts throughout your house, so a cat tree provides the space to do it.

While cats certainly enjoy a good nap, they get bored too. Not only that, indoor cats really need to get enough exercise to stay healthy.

Cat trees give your furry friend a place to go when they need some alone time too.

How to Choose the Right Cat Tree

Having trouble deciding on the right cat tree? Look at these things to help make your decision.

  • Sturdiness

The best cat trees are safe ones. You don’t want it toppling over and hurting your cat or breaking things. Look for a good sturdy base that won’t wobble when your cats jump or climb on it.

  • Height and Width

Naturally larger cats need larger things to climb on. The cat tree that works for a kitten just won’t do it for a big cat.

You may be constrained by the amount of space you have available, so try and find a balance.

As long as your cat fits on the platforms, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you’re working in a narrow space, look for height.

  • Entertainment

Cats are good at entertaining themselves with whatever they find around the house, but nothing beats a good toy.

Trees that offer different things to play with are ideal, especially if there’s a scratching post too.

Anything that dangles, jingles, or lets them peek out are always winners.

  • Number of Levels

Cat trees really vary in the number of levels they have. Some have one or two, while others can have three or more.

The more levels, the more your cat exercises and stays entertained.

That said, prices also tend to go up as the number of levels does, so weigh options

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