Best Cat Urine Remover: Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell 2020

Best Cat Urine Remover: Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell 2020

It’s never easy when your cat’s had an accident. Even harder is when you need to get rid of cat pee smell, in your home.

There are a ton of different options out there, but the worst messes need the best cat urine remover. Naturally, we had to see what works best.

How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell

If you’re reading this, you know it’s not easy. Before you get started with cat odor remover, there are a few things to know first.

Don’t let messes sit

One of the worst things you can do when your cat pees on the carpet is leave it. If you’re not home, try and clean it up as soon as you see it.

The longer cat urine sits, the more it soaks into materials (smell included). Soft materials are especially tough when messes sit and dry.

Treat surfaces differently

Clothes are best dry cleaned after a cat pees on them. However, if you have to wash them at home, soak them first.

Never use different cleaning products together. Baking soda, bleach, and vinegar are great odor removers, but don’t use them together.

You can even add some while clothes soak.

If it’s carpet or furniture, blot up the mess before doing anything else. Paper towels are best, since you can throw them away afterward.

You can use a special cat urine remover, but you may need to try a steam or carpet cleaner.

This is best for carpet, although some cleaners have an extension for furniture.

Choose the right products

While some product choice does come down to preference, there’s a more important factor. Does the odor remover work, or not?

Despite anything else, it’s the most crucial job a cat odor remover should do. Cat urine has a very strong, very long lasting smell. That may mean that not every ‘multipurpose’ cleaner can get rid of it.

Look at the ingredients whenever you buy products, and make sure they’re pet safe.

If you have to use something with chemicals, you’ll need to keep your cat away until you're done.

Another thing to consider is ease of use. Not every cleaner comes in a spray bottle, and that can make them less convenient.

How long does the cleaner need to sit? Some need only a minute or two, while others need much longer. Depending on how safe the odor remover is, timing is important.

Last, the overall value the product delivers should be a huge factor in your choice. You can get really cleaners on a budget, but look at efficiency too.

Some odor removers need to be used more than once. Others are a ‘one and done’ type of deal. That also plays into how long a bottle ultimately lasts.

A pricier cat odor remover that you don’t have to use much of may end up being a better value than one with a cheaper upfront cost.

Product Reviews:

Best for Stains and Odors: Emmy's Best Powerful Pet Odor Remover

stain and ordor eliminator

Sometimes it seems like you have to choose between getting rid of a stain, and getting rid of a smell.

While Emmy’s Best is primarily marketed as an odor remover, it’s pretty impressive to see stains disappear too. If you’re dealing with more than urine, this bottle is a game changer.

When cats are feeling icky, it’s more common to see an accident outside of the litter box. Unfortunately, urine isn’t the only mess you have to deal with.

We could really appreciate the versatility after a tough time, since it gets rid of all types of mess. Urine, vomit, or a soiling accident is easily fixed with this product.

Another thing we liked was knowing that the area was actually clean after using it. Yes, the smells disappear, but the enzymes in the formula actually kill bacteria too. Out of all the odor removers, this one also has one of the best smells too.

Bonus: Emmy’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it with peace of mind.


  • Nice, light scent
  • Cleans any pet mess
  • Also removes stains
  • Enzymatic formula kills bacteria
  • Includes !00% satisfaction guarantee
  • Helps reduce some future accidents


  • Mostly prevents only urination due to pheromones

Most Budget Friendly: Nature’s Miracle Cat Stain and Odor Remover

natures miracle

After looking at the price, we knew this was a cat odor remover we had to try out. If you’re trying to get rid of cat pee smell on a tight budget, you’ll want to check this product out.

Naturally, when we saw something this affordable, we were a little skeptical.

While it’s certainly budget friendly, it doesn’t rely on unsafe, harsh chemicals to get the job done.

That’s right, it’s an affordable, and enzymatic formula. As far as cat odor removers go, it comes in a pretty big bottle too. All in all, it’s quite a value.

Now you’re probably thinking, but does it work?

Actually, it worked really well. It takes about ten minutes of letting the cleaner soak, then blot it up and let it dry. It does a decent job with stains too, so we were pleasantly surprised.

Another nice thing is that you can use it anywhere, on virtually any surface. It works on wood, carpet, tile, linoleum, and any other finished surface.


  • Most inexpensive formula we tested
  • Disinfects surfaces
  • Comes in a large bottle
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Safe, enzymatic formula


  • Not for leather surfaces
  • Not for unfinished surfaces

Best All-Purpose: NonScents Stain and Odor Remover


There are plenty of multi use pet odor removers out there, but not all do the job NonScents does.

It’s so versatile you can easily use it for household cleaning too. Since it’s also completely eco friendly, non toxic, and safe, it’s great for homes with both kids and pets

While there’s a lot of science that went into developing this odor remover, the thorough odor removal is impressive too.

It’s completely non scented. If you’re like a lot of cat parents, that probably makes you a little skeptical. Most formulas have at least some sort of scent, right?

This one doesn’t have one, because it doesn’t need it.

Odors completely disappear, and because it isn’t scented, you can get a chance to really appreciate how well it works.

Because it removes odor at the molecular level, you can trust the cat pee smell is really out of your carpet. It’s also the perfect solution for homes with sensitive noses that can’t handle the perfume of other odor removers.


  • Unscented formula
  • Completely gets rid of cat pee smell
  • Multi-use- can clean anywhere
  • Eco friendly and biodegradable


  • Slightly pricier than some other formulas

Best for Carpet: Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator


Of anything your cat might pee on, carpet is the absolute worst. Because it’s so fibrous, it can seem nearly impossible to get rid of cat pee smell from carpet.

Have a high pile carpet? Now, that’s a real panic button. We can’t choose where our cats have their messes, but it seems most cats are more inclined to urinate on carpet.

Many odor removers have trouble really getting the smell all the way out of carpet.

Maybe it’s a thousand times better, but there’s usually a hint of cat smell left behind. So, for all you cat lovers that also love your cushy carpet, we decided to try this one out.

First, we noticed it’s a commercial grade cleaner. Of course, most of those contain harsh chemicals. Luckily, Angry Orange is completely safe, non toxic, and biodegradable.

While those are all great things, the best part is how well it worked. The formula is concentrated, so one bottle goes a long way too.


  • Lasts a long time
  • Very nice orange/citrus scent
  • Commercial grade cleaning
  • Good on carpets (especially high pile)
  • Works on furniture too


  • Needs to be diluted

For Any Surface: Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Remover

wee away

As cat owners, we already know cats are more likely to have an accident on the floor or a blanket. For most odor removers, that’s no problem.

Yes, the Sunny & Hunny odor remover cleans those, but it goes even farther. Most cleaners aren’t safe for using on leather, or the upholstery in your car.

Here’s the great news:

This one is! You can use this cleaner on pretty much any surface, including leather. It doesn’t have the typical flowery scent that a lot of odor removers do. It smells really nice and fresh, and a little minty.

There are a couple other things that really sold us on this formula. First, they donate part of their profits to animal shelters- and we love a product you can feel good about. Next, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee!


  • Charitable company
  • Works on leather
  • Unique fresh/minty scent
  • Pet and child safe


  • May not work on unfinished surfaces


Cat urine is never going to be effortless, but it can get easier. We looked for products to fit every budget, and every situation.

We know it’s hard to deal with cat messes, but with these products, it just got much less stressful!

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