Best Organic Cat Food Brands for 2019

Best Organic Cat Food Brands For 2020

When your cat is part of your family, you want to know they’re eating well. Cats can be picky, while you’re just concerned that they’re getting the nutrition they need from quality food.

Organic cat food is rising in popularity, but you want to know you’re trusting a reliable brand with your cat’s health. We’ll review the best organic cat food brands for 2020, with a guide to find the best food for your cat.

Buyer’s Guide

  • What is organic cat food?

Organic isn’t just a term to throw around. Organic foods, even those for our pets, can’t have any hormones or chemicals.

Even organic crops can’t be produced in a place where pesticides have been used in recent years. The catch is, some formulas can contain certain organic ingredients, while also including other, non organic ingredients.

To be sure a cat food recipe is 100% organic, look for the ingredients list, and a USDA (or other reliable, third party organization) organic certification.

  • Is organic cat food safe?

    Ingredients in organic cat food may seem much different from your regular cat food brand.

    However, organic foods can’t contain hormones and harmful additives.

    Organic cat food is generally more wholesome, and much safer for cats than regular food with chemicals and pesticides.

    What to consider when buying organic cat food

    1. Formula

    No matter what kind of organic cat food you’re looking at, don’t skip over the ingredients list. Some ingredients may be organic, while others are not.

    Likewise there are organic grain free cat foods, as well as those that do contain grains. Ideally, organic meat should be the first ingredient, which also means that it’s the biggest component of the formula. 

    2. Variety

    Some of the best organic cat food brands only have one or two formulas available. If your cat loves the food, and you love the nutrition in it, that’s fine.

    However, many cats may get ‘picky’ or bored with the exact same food over time. If the brand you like has other recipes and flavors, you can still keep your cat on a consistent diet.

    Keeping the same brand reduces the chances of a recipe switch upsetting your cat’s stomach, but a different flavor can keep them interested.

     3. Convenience

    We all want to give our cats the very best. But what happens when you can’t get your favorite cat food ordered on time, or it’s not in the supermarket?

    Some organic cat food brands are right on store shelves next to regular food. For other brands, online ordering is a necessity. There’s no real right or wrong here. It just depends on your lifestyle and what’s most convenient for you.

    However, if your chosen brand isn’t available in stores (or any near you, anyway), it’s a good idea to set up scheduled deliveries so you never worry about running out.

     4. Your cat

    Every cat, like every kid, is different. Just because one brand is perfect for your neighbor’s cat doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours.

    One of the most important things to keep at the front of your mind when you switch to organic cat food is, of course, your cat. If your cat can’t tolerate wet food, get organic dry food, and vise versa.

    Flavors work the same way. If your cat simply won’t eat it, even the best organic food won’t do either of you any good.

    Here’s a tip: if you’re switching foods, do it gradually. Start mixing small amounts of the new food with their current food.

    Keep substituting more of the new food until your cat is used to it.

     5. Format

    Is the food dry kibbles, or wet food? Is it pre-cooked, freeze dried, or raw? You can find organic cat food in basically any form.

    Like your regular cat food, every home has a certain routine for feeding their cat. When you use organic cat food, try to get it in the same form as the previous food (unless otherwise recommended by your vet).

    Or, you can always use a bit of organic food to boost the nutrients in your cat’s regular food.

    If you plan on using organic food as a supplement, freeze dried and wet food options are the most common choices.

     6. Age and Lifestyle

    An important part of choosing any food, whether organic or not, is what age and lifestyle it’s designed for.

    Yes, there are cat food formulas made to suit all life stages. If you choose an all ages type food, make sure you read the recommendations for feeding portions. Young cats exert a lot of energy, and pregnant cats need extra energy stores too. Both need more caloric intake than a mature, adult cat.

    Just like formulas are made for certain ages, there are also cat food formulas for specific lifestyles. In many cases, you’ll see formulas for indoor or outdoor cats.

    Some formulas are also labeled for active lifestyles, which means they’re ideal for cats using a lot of energy, whether they’re kittens or roaming outdoor cats.

     Best Organic Cat Food Brands Reviewed

    1. Best for Indoor Cats: Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food

    Halo Grain Free Natural Wet Cat Food

    Indoor cats have different nutritional needs from outdoor cats. When choosing an organic cat food, it’s important to pick a formula that works with your cat’s lifestyle.

    The Halo wet food formula for indoor cats is specially formulated to give indoor cats everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

    With an all natural formula, this brand lets you feel good about feeding your cat, since they use only eco friendly ingredients. Even better, none of their meat products come from factoring farming.

    Why just look out for your own animal when you can effortlessly help others too, right? Even the meat ingredients come from animals that are never given hormones, and there are no rendered meat ingredients either.

    They have plenty of different flavor choices, although unsurprisingly, the salmon is a top favorite among even the pickiest cats.

     It is a wet food, so it may not work for every cat (especially if they can only have dry kibble style food).

    That said, even if they mostly eat dry food, you can use Halo wet food to supplement their nutrition (and get major brownie points from your cat). The vegetable ingredients are formulated to provide all the extra vitamins and minerals your cat needs to be at their best.

    There’s even enough water to help keep your indoor kitty well hydrated. Pet parents with cats recovering from an illness or surgery find this to be a major benefit.


    • No animal products from livestock given hormones
    • All GMO ingredients
    • Designed to support indoor cat lifestyle
    • Helps keep cats hydrated
    • Cats love the flavors, especially salmon
    • No ‘meal’ or rendered meat products (i.e. fish meal)
    • No artificial preservatives, additives, or coloring


    • Comes as wet food only, may not suit some cats
    • Not available in larger cans, which isn’t ideal for homes with multiple cats
    • Seems very light and airy (almost like it’s whipped)

     2. Best for Grain Allergies: Organix Grain Free Organic Dry Cat Food

    Organix Grain Free Organic Dry Cat Food

    It can be easier to find an organic cat food without grain than if you’re looking at regular food.

    While Organix does have formulas with grains for those less sensitive cats, they also have plenty of grain free options. Even if there’s not a grain allergy, and your cat just has a sensitive stomach, it’s an ideal option.

    Organix substitutes the typical grains with potatoes, lentils, and peas, which are easier on a cat’s stomach.

    It’s definitely a high quality brand, and they go to great lengths to ensure all their products meet rigorous standards.

    You’ll never see meat ingredients from animals that have been treated with hormones, and none of the veggies are grown with chemicals or harmful fertilizers either.

    Recently, the products have changed a litter, although it only adds to their value. The new formulas are created with more stringent requirements regarding the organic ingredients, which is really just the cherry on top.

    Every ingredient is USDA certified organic, and the leading ingredient is free range, organic chicken. Their formulas all include the super foods needed to keep your cat at their very best, whether they know it or not.

    This is an organic cat food you can use for cats of all ages, just make sure to read the feeding guide. Younger cats (or pregnant cats) need to get a larger serving.

    Another bonus is that this is actually an organic dry food option for cats. While not every cat can stomach wet food (although they’ll certainly eat it in a heartbeat!), most cats do well with dry foods.

    A well balanced, nutritious food that leaves out additives can make a big difference in your cat’s health, and digestive ability. This food also makes a big difference in the cat’s skin and coat.


    • Good for cats with sensitive stomachs
    • Grain free formula is ideal for felines with grain allergies
    • Multiple flavors and formulas available
    • Suitable for cats in all life stages
    • Ideal for cats on a dry food diet
    • Fairly budget friendly, it’s a more affordable organic cat food
    • The manufacturer requires strict testing of all formulas
    • Stricter requirements for organic formulas from the manufacturer
    • May help underweight cats put on some weight


    • Some pickier cats simply don’t seem to like the taste
    • Some dogs will eat it if the cat won’t, or walks away
    • A few customers report cats putting on more weight than needed

     3. Best Freeze-Dried Cat Food: Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

    Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels for Cats

    Freeze dried cat food lets you give your cat the natural nutrition of a raw diet, like they’d have in the wild. That said, freeze dried food for cats is safer, because there’s no risk of parasites or bacteria like there is with raw food.

    Of course, your cat doesn’t need a piece of jerky to enjoy a good organic freeze dried meal. Just mix the ‘morsels’ with a bit of warm water and serve (or jump back as your cat leaps for the bowl!).

    One thing pets (and their human parents) will love about the Stella & Chewy morsels is that there’s a ton of variety.

    Choose from formulas like Rabbit (a personal favorite), Turkey, Chicken, Duck, or the beloved combos: Salmon & Cod and Salmon & Chicken. There really is an option to make any cat happy, and then some.

    Just about the entire formula comes from real, organic meat. In fact, the animal products take up an impressive 98% of the recipe. When you want to know your cat isn’t getting fillers and grains, that’s a good guarantee to have.

    These freeze dried morsels really cater to cats’ carnivorous instincts, and nutritional needs. Because the food is freeze dried, no important nutrients get lost from heat and other treatments. It’s important to maintain the integrity of the ingredients, and that’s what their processing does, since it stays simple.

    The morsels contain taurine, which is absolutely essential to cats of all ages. It’s an organic food for cats of any age, although how much you give them varies. You can even use the morsels to supplement the nutrition your cat gets from their other food.


    • Minimal processing keeps nutritional value better than processed
    • 98% all organic meat formula
    • Wide variety of flavors that cats love
    • Can be used as main food or a supplement
    • Suitable for cats of all ages
    • Offers the benefits of raw food in a safer format
    • Morsels rehydrate quickly in warm water
    • All natural ingredients with no additives, hormones, or chemicals
    • Includes taurine, a necessary nutrient for all feline life stages
    • Stores well, doesn’t get stale quickly
    • Grain free and gluten free
    • Good for skin, coat, and immune system


    • Takes some extra time to prepare and rehydrate morsels
    • Somewhat pricier than other organic options

    4. Best Organic Food for Older Cats: Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food
    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food

    Older cats have different nutritional needs, and it’s important to find cat food that caters to them. This cat food is ideal for older adult cats with mostly indoor lifestyles.

    Blue Buffalo has a reputation for their feline formulas, and it’s a well earned one at that. The formulas are balanced to give cats what they need to be at their very best, from whiskers to tail.

    They only use real meat, not the discarded byproducts so many other brands favor. Cats need plenty of protein, and the protein in the formula is all natural, primarily meat sourced.

    Since older cats aren’t as active as their younger counterparts, they don’t need as much energy, and too much extra turns to fat.

    This balanced formula doesn’t leave out any of the important vitamins, minerals, or protein they need. But it does help older cats stay at a healthy weight. There’s plenty of fiber too, which can help adult cats maintain healthy digestion.


    While the recipe has plenty of vegetables in it to supply vitamins and minerals, most cats don’t seem to notice. Even picky cats enjoy the flavor, especially if you’re just making the switch.

    Plus, there are a ton of different flavors and recipes to choose from. So if you want to make a change, you can stick with the same brand, and the same high quality, organic ingredients.

    Another thing to note is that this Blue Buffalo recipe is great for helping cats keep a smooth, sleek coat and healthy skin. It’s great for their immune system, but some of the most visible benefits show up in their fur.

    While this adult cat food recipe does contain some grains, it doesn’t have the things most likely to cause an upset stomach in cats. There’s no soy or corn, and never any wheat.


    • Ideal for adult cats with indoor lifestyles
    • Very high quality ingredients, no byproducts or additives
    • Helps older cats maintain a healthy weight
    • Visible improvement in skin and fur health
    • High in protein and essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains natural antioxidants to support immune system and overall health
    • Aids in healthy cat digestion, less likely to cause upset stomach
    • Provides complete nutrition for adult cats
    • Comes in convenient, larger bags for multiple cat households


    • Contains some grains (oatmeal, brown rice, barley)
    • Not suitable for cats with grain allergies
    • Some cats may not tolerate the formula as well

     5. Best for All Life Stages: Natural Planet All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

    Natural Planet All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

    This Natural Planet organic formula works perfectly for cats of any age. There’s a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, plus the taurine cats need.

    The formula even includes omega fatty acids, so your cat’s coat looks as good as they feel. The other nice thing about the ingredients is that they also include prebiotics and probiotics.

    These can really help cats that have digestive issues, or just enhance the digestive health they already have.

    The formula is made with such strict standards, that it’s made to stand up to the requirements of national pet organizations.

    Specifically, the Association of Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). The formula fits nutritional standards for cats of all ages. As a bonus, cats love the flavor (maybe even too much!).

    While Natural Planet has this awesome recipe, it’s good enough that we’d really like to see other flavors added to their line up too.

    All the meat products are fully organic, with chicken as the leading ingredient (and source of protein). It’s also certified organic by the USDA, so you can have peace of mind about what your kitty’s eating.

    When it comes down to ‘cat’s choice’ for best food (based on flavor,of course) this organic cat food really wins. As far as dry cat food goes, this seems to be a favorite over other brands, even if your cat is super picky.

    For owners, aside from the quality ingredients and nutrition, the digestive help is probably the favorite aspect of the food. It’s a huge help for cats with sensitive stomachs and frequent bowel issues.

    Of course, there are some organic whole grains, which is perfectly fine for most cats. If your cat’s stomach issues come from a grain allergy, make sure you find them a grain free formula.

    Grains aside, this is one of the best organic cat food brands out there. 


    • USDA certified 100% organic
    • Meets AAFCO standards for cat nutrition in all life stages
    • Even picky cats love the flavor of this recipe
    • Includes prebiotics and probiotics
    • Taurine in formula supports vision, heart health, and immune system
    • Added omega fatty acids for skin and fur health
    • Great for cats with digestive issues and sensitive stomachs
    • Includes plenty of vegetables for added vitamins
    • Full nutrition for cats in any life stage
    • Only non GMO ingredients are used


    • Not recommended for cats with grain allergies (includes whole grain)
    • Not a low carb formula (not ideal for cats with diabetes or low carb diets)

    Our Top Pick!

    We were really pleased with all the organic cat food brands we reviewed. Anything that made it to our list is definitely at the top of the bunch, but of course, we have to choose a favorite.

    The cat food that wins our top pick is great for cats of any age, which adds a lot of points in the convenience category. However, our top pick also had to include only the best ingredients, and give cats everything they need for optimum health.

    So which is the best organic cat food brand of 2020?

    Though it was a tough choice, Organix grain free dry cat food wins. Here’s the thing: it’s not only great for any age, it’s also healthy and wholesome, whether cats have grain allergies or not.

    There are plenty of flavors to choose from, so you can find a favorite for even super picky cats. Plus, Organix has extremely high quality standards for all their organic pet food, and the standards have only gotten higher.

    All in all, the Organix food is great for cats, and their owners will love it too.

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