How Many Nipples Do Cats Have

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have? Explained By Vet

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have? Why?

You may think that this is the weirdest topic you have ever heard about. Well, I would classify it as one of the three strangest articles I have ever written about. However, it seems that most cat lovers are confused when it is about the nipples of their furry friends, especially if they have a male in the house. 

How many nipples do cats have? Do male cats have nipples? Why are nipples so significant? Can possible changes in the nipples be a sign of pregnancy or illness? Ha! I bet you have never thought about that! I believe that these questions make the topic less silly and strange now. Grab your pet and check it out! Then, let's talk about - Nipples of our cats!

Do Cats Have Nipples?

Cat Nipples

Yes, indeed. All cats, female or male, have nipples. The only difference is that your female cutie uses them to feed the babies, and male nipples are entirely useless.

Believe it or not, it is not unusual at all. Almost all mammals have these parts of the body, regardless of gender. As far as I can remember from biology classes, only the echidna and platypus do not have them.

As with other mammalian species, cat nipples develop in the womb of their moms. Therefore, there are surely on the belly of your pet, shyly hidden beneath fur.

How Many Nipples Do Cats Have?

On average, most cats have six to eight nipples. Some kitties have more or less of them, but the exact amount does not depend on gender, breed, age, or health condition. In fact, there is no reasonable reason for variation in their number. Oh, wait! There is one essential reason that counts - cats have decided so.

Anyway, do not worry if your furry friend has just four or maybe ten nipples on its body. Believe it or not, these weird creatures can have an odd number of nipples as well! As long as they are healthy, you do not need to panic. Well, unless you have to! However, it's up to you.

Surprisingly, kittens from the same litter often have a different number of nipples. The gender has nothing with that. Again! You can get male and female kittens with the same, and two females with a different number of nipples, for example. 

It is a matter of genetics, just like their color, personality, size, or body shape. Although, I am over-curious why one would like to count nipples instead of cuddling with these lovely balls of fur! Weird!

One more thing! Cats will always have the same number of nipples from birth to the end of their lives. That will not change over time.

Sometimes, nipples are tiny, but always there. They cannot disappear or pop up mysteriously over time, including the period of pregnancy. Changing the number of nipples!? Well, that would be too freaky even for cats!

Where Are the Nipples Of Cats Located?

Surprisingly, cats are similar to other mammals in this regard. Unbelievable! Physiology is still stronger than feline originality. I am shocked, but it is so.

Yes, you can find nipples on the belly of your cutie regardless of whether it is female or male. If there is an even number, you will find them positioned in two rows from their chest down to the tummy. Have I mentioned symmetrical rows or the correct arrangement of nipples? You are kidding, right?

Let's not be petty. Yes, cat's nipples are arranged in two rows under their fluffy fur. Unless in a case when your cat has an odd number of teats. How is it possible for someone to have an odd number of nipples? Yes, it is possible. Why? That's why. Must there be a reason? No. 

If you still do not understand, it means that you have got astray here, and you have never had a cat. Otherwise, you would know that every question related to these beautiful creatures starting with: 'How is this possible' has the same answer - That's why.

However, if you feel the nipple anywhere other than the belly of your cat, you should become concerned. It is impossible finding nipples elsewhere. If there is a 'nipple' on its shoulder, neck, or back, it is something else such as a skin growth. You should visit the vet right away.

Cat Nipples During Pregnancy

What Do Cat Nipples Feel Like?

Depending on every particular cat, nipples may feel like a pimple. Males will live with these 'pimples' the whole life without changing in their size or shape. 

On the other hand, females will experience deep changings during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They will grow, pink up, and become sensitive to touch and a little bit odd after 35 days of pregnancy. 

However, nipples may change and become swollen even though the cat is not pregnant. It may happen although your pet is male. As soon as you notice any changes in the nipples of your cutie, ask the vet for advice.


After reading the text, you have got a lot of information. The conclusion is clear. It looks like your cat is a sillier creature than you have thought, if at all possible. Never mind. I guess we love them because they are so weird. So, we can adore them regardless of whether they have four or ten nipples. Who wants to count it at all?

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