Pet Furniture Trends

7 Pet Furniture Trends You Cannot Miss

Let's face it, your pet is part of the family. You want them to have all the luxuries you can inside the home. There are fewer things more important than having a comfy snooze spot for them.

What animal doesn't love naptime?

Maybe you are looking for a cozy squeeze for your cat to laze in. Maybe you are looking for a lounging space for your dog to stretch out on.

In any form, the market is full of possibilities. Going through countless reviews and product pages can be daunting. You see all these eye-catching products listed.

But which are the best?

Pet Furniture for Your Four-Legged Friends

Each pet we own has individuality and personality. You know them well. Our furry friends will have preferences about what they enjoy. This is a fact from the food they like to the places they love to be.

We have put together a comprehensive list of pet furniture to fit your pets' unique taste.

1. Cat Caves

Cat Caves

These little cat caves are hand-crafted in Nepal. Each one is unique, just like your pet!

There are so many designs to choose from. Each cat cave is made from all organic felt material. Since they are hand-crafted, you can bet you will be getting a product that is 100% inimitable.

They create a well-enclosed space for your kitty to hide, as we all know they love to do! They are perfect for your cat to play and sleep!

Each cat cave is dyed with all-natural dyes, so colors may vary slightly. They are easily storable, flexible and cleanable.

Suitable for up to 23 pounds of lovable fur, your cat is sure to love this!

2. Little Dove Teepees

Little Dove Teepees

These stylish little teepees are the cutest addition to add to your décor. Not only will your pet love the cozy, plush-lined design, but it will also look awesome as well! It is perfect for that empty corner space or even a to have beside your bed.

It is made from a durable cotton canvas material and is fully washable. It comes with few parts providing easy assembly for your convenience. Little Dove provides this teepee structured design in multiple colors and patterns.

It is a real eye-catcher. Both you and your pet are sure to adore it!

3. EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill

EZ Mount Window Pod Kitty Sill

    We all know, kitties love looking out windows. With their little tails whipping at the ends, they are fixated upon the sights outside.

    With the window design, your cat can feel enclosed just like they love while gazing out into the unknown. Not only is this a great napping spot for your feline friend, but it is also even better for sight-seeing.

    These cat shelves are made from hard, easily wipeable plastic. You just secure the pod to the window and let them enjoy it for hours!

    4. FrontPet Hammock Bed

    FrontPet Hammock Bed

      This comfy little faux fur -lined hammock is one your cat or small dog is sure to appreciate. The cover is removable, making it easily washable.

      It is situated on a sturdy wooden structure that can fit neatly into your home. With dimensions od 22" by 17", you can have adequate sizing for your pet while being space friendly. It is a very easy assembly, providing a snap-together design and simple instructions.

      It also comes with a feather wand perfect for your kitty to swat and play.

      5. Kitty City Cat House

      Kitty City Cat House

        This charming cat house will be both aesthetically and functionally perfect for your home. It comes in a modern cubed design finished in a lovely grey and white patterned material.

        Its cubed design offers two levels. There is a fluffy cat bed on top and a secret hideout at the bottom. Both spaces will be sure to be utilized at different times. Whether they are wanting to hide away or lounge about, it is perfect for both!

        It comes with a removable soft polyester pillow on top and fleece bed lining inside. This is completely machine washable for regular maintenance.

        Whether your cat wants to nap on top or hideout inside, it is sure to be a furniture favorite!

        6. Auoon Cat Tube

        Auoon Cat Tube

          This fun, friendly tunnel-style tube is sure to win over your cat or small dog. It is a delightful donut shape with a padded center excellent for napping.

          Multiple furry friends can chase each other tirelessly around the tube with endless excitement. Then, when they tucker themselves out, they can pile up in the center for a snooze. It can be used for a solo pet as well!

          This is portable, lightweight and storable. The tube is 98" in length with a 9.8" diameter. It can fit up to 22 pounds.

          It is an efficient way to encourage exercise for your pets by letting them run out their pent-up energy. And it won't be all over your house! At least not while this has their attention, of course!

          7. Catry Hammock and Scratching Post

          Catry Hammock and Scratching Post

            This unique cat tree is multi-functional. It comes fully equipped with a lounging hammock, perching cat shelves, and two scratching posts.

            This is ideal for multi-cat homes so each one can enjoy the different aspects of this cat tree. Your cats can spend their time playing, loafing, and wearing down their claws.

            This is ideal for cats up to 10 pounds. It stands 28" high. It comes with fleece-lined bedding and paper rope. It is durable and long-lasting for your cats to enjoy for years to come!

            Making the Best Choice

            Your choice will greatly depend on your needs. If you are wanting to find the perfect piece of furniture for singular or several pets, this should give you a pretty solid idea on the various types offered.

            Get your pet something that you both can appreciate for the value you deserve!

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