Why Are Cats Better Pets Than Dogs? 11 Reasons

Why Are Cats Better Pets Than Dogs? 11 Reasons

In most cases, pet lovers are divided into two groups, cat lovers and dog lovers. Some of them, like me, adore both species and enjoy their coexistence and all the fun situations that life with such different personalities can bring. Believe it or not, one of the most common dilemmas is which one is a better furry friend.

I know that dog parents will be unsatisfied with this article, but I have numerous proofs why cats are better pets than dogs. Yes, dogs are more dedicated and even prepared to die for their owners. I know that, but the question is - why would you want your buddy to get killed because of you? I believe that some other things are more crucial. Let's check.

Health benefits 

Only a year and a half ago, I would never start this article with this point. However, COVID-19 changed many things, including my view of life. I have always known that cats feel our pain and often lay over their owner's painful body parts, but no one told me they could heal us.

While I was dying for twelve days, entirely broken by high temperature and the worst pneumonia I could even imagine, my three kitties lay over me almost without a break. On the twelfth day, all three got up as if on command and went to rest in their baskets. That was a moment I knew I survived.

Cats also help us live longer. Their purring reduces stress, helps us fall asleep, positively affects joints after an injury, and can heal our muscles and bones. It is scientifically proven that these fantastic creatures lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 40%. 

Cats will also help your children minimize allergy development chances, including the most common allergens like dust mites and ragweed. Plus, it seems that cat parents are more intelligent than dog lovers. 

Less space

Unlike dogs, cats take far less space. They won't take the entire room for a bed, playing corner, and their stuff, plus they won't need a yard.

Cats will require food and water dishes, a litter box, and a bed. Well, my cats believe that every place is good enough for taking a nap, so they are pretty happy with a shoebox, basket, or my lap either. 


Buying some cat breeds can be expensive, but they are usually more affordable than purebred dogs. Plus, adoption fees are lower, and you can even find a kitty for free during kitten season.

You won't need collars, leashes, crates, training classes, and a dog walker that charges up to $20 for a 20-minute walk. On the other hand, cats can entertain themselves, particularly if you have at least two of them.

Cat's food expenses are lower, and toys are always more affordable or free of charge when doing some DIY project. According to some research, you can save at least $350 to $800 a year when choosing a cat. 

Apartment living

You can have a cat although you live in a small flat without a balcony or yard. In most cases, you can make them feel comfortable by adding vertical levels. 

Most dog breeds can't accept an indoors-only lifestyle without exercising and walking at least an hour a day. Cats are satisfied with curling up on the couch, perching next to a window, and watching outside all day long.

Personal space

Unlike dogs that tend to occupy your life and space entirely, cats will respect your tiredness and unwillingness to play and socialize after a hard-working day. 

Kitties never insist on your constant attention. Well, it is true only if we exclude their annoying habit of jumping on their owners while they are in a toilet. 


Cats never smell awful, and they clean themselves, so you should only groom long-haired ones. Plus, they will never get dirty like dogs. With strategically placed litter boxes, you only need to clean them once to twice a week.

It sounds better than going out for a walk late at night. Not to mention that cats drink water and eat more efficiently than dogs and never make a mess or drool everywhere.

Good relations with neighbors

Unlike dogs that bark when left alone or spot something, cats are quiet. Kittens are pretty noisy during the night, but most cats accept the owner's rhythm and change their habits.

I have three cats, and all of them have learned to sleep at night, wait for me to get up, and become active after I finish my morning coffee and before going to sleep. So, my neighbors have no reason to complain about the noise.


House-training a new puppy can be exhausting. On the other hand, your kitten will understand where the litter box is and instinctively start using it as soon as you show it the place.

Both kittens and puppies will be annoying initially, but proper training will solve the problem. It seems that cats understand your desires and prohibitions more quickly. 

In fact, you can leave a cat unsupervised during the day as soon as they learn the basics. However, puppies need training and often make a mess for months before learning how to behave appropriately.


Cats are naturally expert hunters, and they will keep your home insect- and rodent-free. Believe it or not, domesticated house cats kill approximately 2.9 billion birds and rodents annually.

Thanks to my Clementine, I have no problems with mosquitoes and flies. She exterminates them all, and I sleep peacefully without itchy bumps.

Our dog Malena is useless in this case, but I need to say that I will rather rely on her when someone tries to break into our house. Cats will probably accept anyone who wants to pet them. 


Dogs require a wider area of land to feed. For instance, an average cat needs 0.37 acres (0.15 hectares) annually, while a medium-sized dog requires at least 2 acres (0.84 hectares).

Surprisingly, a domestic dog's carbon footprint is twice that of an SUV, while the cat's carbon footprint is equal to a small Volkswagen. Plus, canines threaten approximately 188 endangered species worldwide, while cats save us from bugs and rodents.


Cat's bites are not as dangerous as dog's ones. At least 35 people die from dog bites every year. Additionally, cats mostly won't escape far away from home.

Cats are cute, funny, and cuddly. You will adore looking at your kitty while sitting in your lap and licking or behaving bizarrely, which is almost always hilarious. 


Contrary to popular belief, cats prefer human interaction over food and toys.

No one can say the same for dogs, right? Plus, your kitty will live much longer than a dog. Anyone who has lost a pet knows what that means. End of discussion!

Jovanka Panic

My name is Jovanka Panic. I am a writer, translator, veterinarian, humanitarian, and passionate traveler. After playing with white bears and elephants in the Belgrade ZOO and dealing with the Rabies virus in the Institute Pasteur, I enjoy writing. My five beasts are my ultimate love, including three cats (Clementine, Josephine, and Sophia) and their 'mom' American Stafford Terrier (Malena).


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