10 Best Interactive Cat Toys That Will Keep Your Kitty Happy

10 Best Interactive Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Happy

 I often purchase interactive toys since they keep my cats active and intrigued. For example, my Clementine demonstrates strong hunting instincts, and these toys encourage it in safe and controlled conditions.

Also, if your cat is like my Josephine, these gadgets will be an adequate way to prevent it from destroying furniture. I will list 10 interactive cat toys that will keep your kitty happy. My cats have approved my choice!

What to Look for in an Interactive Cat Toy

The design of interactive toys needs to allow full entertainment for your cat, but these gadgets should offer more than that. It includes a positive educational impact and benefits for the health of your furry friend, as well.

Let's discover what requirements each of them needs to fulfill.

  •  Safety - I have to say that I am not quite wise when it comes to my cats. It happened to me a couple of times to buy a toy that looked lovely, without paying attention to whether it may hurt my beauties. To choose a safe toy for your cat, always read the cautions in labels before buying a particular product.
  • Durability - Once you come into a pet shop to purchase an adequate interactive cat toy, always keep in mind that your lovable creature can be highly destructive. Therefore, you should try to make the right balance between the durability of the toy and its price. Avoid disposable toys just even though they are cute and cheap. An expensive toy can be profitable if your cat uses it for months.
  • Independent play - I believe that you adore playing with your cat, but your time is limited. Since cats become 'weapons of mass destruction' when they are bored, you need to offer your kitty a stimulating toy available at all times.
  • Fitness - I was not aware of the importance of this feature until my one-year-old Sofio started to gain weight. React on time, before the problem occurs! Your kitty needs a toy requiring a lot of activity, including running, jumping, and climbing. I am not a fan of electronic toys, but some of them are a desirable choice for young cats full of energy.
  • Manual or battery-operated toys - Let's be realistic. Kittens will play with anything, including crumpled paper, aluminum foil, or even pine cones for a while. Your goal is to find a toy that will capture their attention for a longer time.Those running on batteries are an excellent choice if you stay outside the house most of the day. Since I am a freelancer and work from my home, I can play with my beauties at any time of day. Therefore, I often choose manual toys, which I find more beneficial.Also, I take advantage of my hobby and often make colorful and useful little things made of remnants of silk and wool. If you have time and goodwill, you can make your cat happy without spending a cent.
  • Catnip - Nowadays, you can find toys with catnip on the market. I am quite suspicious since that plant can be harmful and even toxic to many cats depending on their genetics. Catnip affects kitties, much like illegal drugs work on humans. Therefore, I have never tried to give my babies playing with this type of toy. When it comes to your cat, the decision is on you.

The Best Interactive Toys for Your Kitty

1. Bergan Turbo Scratcher

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

As you probably know, sometimes the simplest thing can be the most amusing for your kitty. Maybe this toy looks ordinary, but my cats cannot stop playing with it for months.


  • Endless chasing for the ball provide necessary activity and fun for kittens
  • The scratchpad allows your cat to exercise their claws
  • It is inexpensive, sturdy, and available in two colors


  • It's unlikely, but your cat may remove the ball if it decides so
  • The inside circle is a rolled cardboard, so you need to replace it once your kitty destroys it
  • It comes with a bag of catnip, and you can decide if you want to sprinkle it over the scratchpad

2. Petstages Tower of Tracks

Petstages Tower of Tracks

Thanks to circular tracks positioned in three levels, this toy will be highly attractive to your cat. Three separate, brightly colored balls will encourage your kitty to play by stimulating its primary instincts.


  • As an entirely safe toy, it is ideal for both independent playing and shared fun
  • Your kitty cannot hide balls everywhere since they are fixed in place
  • It provides both physical and mental stimulation for your furry friend
  • It is an excellent choice if you have more than one cat


  • It is noisy
  • Some cats do not care about the ball toys
  • It can be a too large toy for tiny kittens

3. Maze and Puzzle Feeder

Maze and Puzzle Feeder

Even though it looks simple, this maze will effectively encourage your kitty to sniff and chase balls or kibble inside a box. The cardboard box has a lot of holes and inner chambers, which are perfect for your cat to explore.


  • This toy will encourage your kitty to play and search for hidden food
  • It is an ideal slow feeder for cats with a voracious appetite
  • Many vets recommend it
  • The cardboard box is recyclable


  • It is not a durable toy (My Josephine chews it in a few days)

4. Our-Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard

Our-Pets Play-N-Squeak Backyard

    Feathery bird appearance, in combination with electronic sound and catnip scent, will intrigue most cats. They are predators and enjoy hunting. Perhaps this little bird is everything they need.


    • Since this 'bird' is pretty realistic, it will keep your kitty stimulated both physically and mentally
    • It will encourage the primary instincts of your cat
    • This toy may help your furry friend to relieve boredom and anxiety resulted from living indoors


    • You will probably hate that electronic 'real chirping bird' sound
    • It contains catnip

    5. Cat Dancer

    Cat Dancer

    The manufacturer claims that 8 million cats have already tested this toy in their homes. If it is true, this gadget is proof that an incredibly simple thing can work best with weird creatures like cats.


    • The combination of moving tubes of rolled cardboard and spring steel wire is irresistible for kittens
    • Many vets recommend this toy as safe
    • Affordable price
    • Made in the USA


    • Since cardboard is not a durable material, you should replace it after a while or buy a new toy
    • Your kitty will probably not enjoy this toy without your presence

    6. PetSafe SlimCat

    Pet Safe Slim Cat

      There are at least two advantages of this interactive toy designed like a ball. It is a fun gadget for your cat and attractive feeder at the same time. You can use it to control the amount of food your cat eats during a day.


      •         Adjustable openings allow your cat to hunt for a food
      •         The toy encourages exercise
      •         You can choose among a few colors


      •         It is not suitable for offering smaller treats and kibble since they may dispense too quickly

      7. Petoy Cat Toys Set

      Petoy Cat Toys Set

      If you prefer getting a lot of fun toys for your furry friend in one package, this set is a perfect option for you. Your cat will enjoy hunting fish, balls, and mice, as well as playing with the feather and ribbons.


      • The variety provides a lot of fun
      • It is unlikely your cat likes none of eleven toys from the set
      • The teaser wand makes toys hard to catch, which is an extra challenge for your kitty


      • The wand is not sturdy and can snap off fast
      • Some parts are too small and can be dangerous if your cat swallows them

      8. SnugglyCat the Ripple Rug Play Mat

      SnugglyCat the Ripple Rug Play Mat

        My cats enjoy playing under the covers. If your kitty is the same, this toy is a perfect choice. Hide toys under it, and let your cat enjoy hunting.


        • A non-slip base is an excellent place for hiding toys or treats
        • It is the ideal size for two or three kittens
        • The toy is non-toxic, easy to clean, and resistant to stains and mold
        • Made in the US from recycled materials


        • There is only one size option
        • The color is quite dull
        • It falls flat too quickly

        9. Cat LED Chase Toy


        Cat LED Chase Toy

          I suppose that your kitty is curious as all cats in the world. Therefore, chasing other animals is something it will adore. Picking out this set with three different silhouettes is a real 'cat's whisker.'


          • It will force your kitty to be active without destroying things in the house
          • Emits three shapes, including mouse, the footprint of the dog, and fish
          • The optimal projection range is 3.3 feet (1 m), which makes this toy suitable for indoor use


          • The quality of plastic is poor

          10. Runfish Laser


          Runfish Laser

            If you look for a handheld laser, this stylish and contemporary model is worth a look. I like these unique paw buttons, instead of usual round ones, for control settings. After you press the button once, it will blink. After pressing it twice, it will light up. How convenient!


            • Since it is a small size toy, you can carry and use it easily
            • You will get two products for the price of one
            • The manufacturer includes after-sales service


            • Batteries are not included in the package
            • The light is too dim


            Since all of these toys are excellent and highly attractive to cats, I have decided after 'consultations' with my three beauties. They adore Bergan Turbo Scratcher.

            The toy looks simple, but it is actually amusing for kitties that can chase this ball endlessly. Plus, it is an excellent solution for scratching. After purchasing this toy, your furniture will be finally safe!

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