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    • 【Soft and comfortable anti-allergic cotton】 The clothes are exquisitel made, and the pure cotton fabric is comfortable, soft, and breathable. The stylish and simple design makes your cat unique

    • 【Protection performance】 Sphinx cats have no hair, so their skin temperature adjustment ability is poor. Clothes can make the cat feel warm, and they can also protect the cat's skin well.

    • 【Layout design】The clothes are carefully designed and hand-sewn according to the body lines of the Sphinx cat, the clothes are easy to put on and take off, it will not hinder pets' indoor and outdoor activities,

    • 【Applicable occasions and cats】Everyday, party, Halloween and Christmas, or photoshoot, cats can wear. Most suitable for hairless cats, Sphinx cats, Devon Rex cats, German curl cats, etc.

    • 【Size Information】The size of the cat's clothes needs to be selected according to the weight of the pet, and the measurement of the chest, neck, and back. Confirm the size and purchase. The cat clothes are handmade. The cloth will sometimes be out of stock, if this is the case We will contact you in time, please pay attention to the mail check.

Advantages of the material:

  • Warmth retention. This velvet fabric uses dry spinning ultra-fine special-shaped cross-section technology to make the fabric more fluffy. In addition, the erected fluff can also increase the amount of still air, so the Velvet fabric is very warm.

  • Soft and slim. The most popular thing about this velvet fabric is that the downy is thick and dense, it feels soft and waxy, and it is soft and close to the body, which can avoid wearing bloated clothes in winter.

  • Not easy to fade. The velvet fabric uses reactive printing and dyeing, which has good color fastness and is not easy to fade.

  • Good air permeability. This velvet fabric has a unique moisture-winking function, which can better drain moisture out of the body, and is soft and breathable.




Note: Size recommendations below are applicable to hairless cats

  • The XS size is suitable for newborn babies weighing 1-2 pounds (approximately 0.5-1 kg).suit for below 2 months.

    The S size is suitable for babies weighing 2-3 pounds (approximately 1-1.5 kg). Suit for 3-4 months.

    The M size is suitable for babies weighing 4-5.5 pounds (approximately 2-2.7 kg). suit for 5-6 months.

    Size L is suitable for 5.5-7 pounds (approximately 2.7-3.5 kg). suit for 7-8 months.

    The XL size fits 7 – 9 pounds (approximately 3.5-4.5 kg). suit for 9-11 months.

    The XXL size fits 10-12 pounds (approximately 5.0-6 kg). suit for Adults.

  • If your cat is not hairless, but like our shirt, please order one size larger. For more size information, please refer to the size chart below.

    Shipping: Currently 2-3 weeks on most items. See our Shipping page for full information. All orders are backed by our guarantee and sent with tracking numbers.

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    Our Testimonials


    Alyssa C.

    My boy, Klaus loves boxes. I just knew he would love this thing. It wasn't out of the packaging 2 seconds and he was all up in it. He's a Norwegian Forest Cat, so a big breed. I thought it may be a bit small for him, but it's a good fit. He won't get out of it!!


    Louise P.

    My suspicious by nature cat has finally decided after two weeks that she, without any prompting, will enter and use this once highly suspect structure. (That her favorite cloth catnip sack had taken up residence there during those two weeks I'm sure didn't hurt 😊)


    Stephanie P.

    My cat Barney seems impressed with the two cat caves I purchased. He goes into the purple one all the time. I also got the western cave which is my personal favourite. My other cat Daisy was a bit nervous of them at first but now I catch her snoozing inside.


    Joanmary L.

    As soon as I unpacked Evo's new cat cave he spied me from his cat tree and less than 10 seconds he was in there loving every minute of it!!!!


    Alyce S.

    I bought two cat caves for my two boys. The black & cream and this one. They both love the caves, and usually fight over the same one. I want to purchase the fairy cat cave. So cute! I also love that your company is paying wages to women that provides an income higher than normal in their country. I’ve shared your site with all my friends with cats. These are great!


    Vera S.

    I used the 2for99 code, but it didn't take. I emailed the company and they processed a discount right away. This place has amazing customer service! My cat immediately took to his cat cave and he sleeps in it every night. Both me and my, very spoiled kitty, thank you!