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Cute Cat Slippers

The perfect cat slippers for any crazy cat lady or lover. Our original Cat Cave Co slippers are truly one of a kind. They cannot be found in store or anywhere else online. 

They look super cute and are really warm and cosy. Made of high quality and soft plush material you can wear them any time at home. 

Super sturdy and long lasting, these bad boys will protect your feet from cold floors and keep them warm.

  • Choose from three different styles and colors.
  • Pick your perfect shoe size. Please check the chart below for sizing. This is EU sizing so just convert it to USA sizing or wherever you are because...
  • We ship worldwide with fastest shipping to USA (10-12 days due to high demand).
  • Not sold in stores.

So if you're looking for the perfect slippers for yourself or your crazy cat friend or loved one; give the Cat Cave Co Cat Slippers a try!


Shipping Time: The shipping time will vary depending on your location and the product ordered. Our estimated shipping time is 2-4 weeks on this product but please refer to our refund and shipping policy for further details or to our FAQ page for additional information. 

Hand Made For A Good Cause

Every single Cat Cave is hand made with love, using 100% eco-friendly materials. No nasties. Just beautiful cat beds that are good for the world. Supporting women in under-developed communities.

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