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Evercat - 30 Day Challenge $9.99 Then $24.99/month

The Ultimate Daily Cat Supplement

Over 20 Healthful Ingredients

The Benefits:

Healthy Immune System - Packed with 20 essential nutrients and minerals designed to supplement your cat’s diet boosting its immune system.

Vision & Dental - Loaded with the “essential feline nutrient” taurine which has shown to be critical for normal vision, dental health and more.

Heart Health - Helps protect your kitty’s heart with the powers of omega-3 fatty acids. Prevent blood clots and lower risk of heart conditions.

Skin & Coat -  The naturally occuring amino acids and biotin support health skin and coat.

Kidney & UTI Support - Supports healthy urinary tract and kidneys with our special B vitamin complex.

Hip & Joint - Bring your kitty back to life with our hip & joint supporting calcium and omega oils.

The Ingredients

Most important ingredients to highlight in order of importance:

Vitamin B Complex- Packed with vitamin B-12 an essential cat nutrient. Vitamin B12 is crucial to the health of your cat's immune system, nervous system, and digestive tract. It's essential for healthy cognitive function. In addition, B12 assists in your cat's digestion.Feb 10, 2019

Taurine- Exclusively found in animal-based proteins. It is critical for normal vision, digestion, heart muscle function, dental health and to maintain a healthy immune system. Taurine is an essential amino acid in the cat. Taurine deficiencies can lead to heart conditions, blindness, tooth decay, hair loss, diabetes, tiredness and immune system issues. 

Fish Oil -Fish oil has been found to reduce the heart's vulnerability to developing an irregular heart rhythm, called atrial fibrillation. Additionally, it can act as an anticoagulant and prevent blood clots from forming incats with heart disease. Provides support for dry, flaky skin in allergy pets.

Vitamin A-Vitamin A is an essentialvitamin forcats, which means it must be part of their diet in order for yourcat to maintain optimal health. Skin, coat, muscles and nerves all requirevitamin A for proper function.

Brewers Dried Yeast -Brewers dried yeast packs the nutritional content that dogs andcats need[1]. It is a protein source rich in amino acids and B vitamins. Amino acids help a pet build and maintain his or her muscles, bones, blood, organs, immune system, and coat and nails.Jul 11, 2017

Vitamin D3- Vitamin D is not synthesized from sunlight in cats but is still a vital nutrient. The only way they get it is by eating it. Studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D in sick cats have increased longevity.

Calcium - Calcium is an extremely essential nutrient for kitties! It promotes healthy bones, strong joints, can relieve diarrheah and much more! Even mild defficiencies contribute to chronic degenerative disordersof the organs and body.

Biotin - Pet supplements containing biotin are regularly used to support and maintain skin and coat health in dogs and cats. They are commonly combined with key ingredients such as Omega 3 for dogs and cats, which work in the skin to aid the body's own natural anti-inflammatory processes.


Made From Nature’s Best Ingredients

Made In USA

FDA Approved Facility

Delicious Treat - our chews are loved by cats

Just 1 chew per day  to help keep the veterinarian away!

Shipping: Please allow 2-7 days for arrival and 3 business days processing to USA.

Hand Made For A Good Cause

Every single Cat Cave is hand made with love, using 100% eco-friendly materials. No nasties. Just beautiful cat beds that are good for the world. Supporting women in under-developed communities.

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