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Outdoor Cat Harness & Leash Set

Outdoor Cat Harness & Leash Set

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Did you know that taking your cat outdoors is very beneficial for both their physical and mental health?

Not only does it allow them to visit new places, exploring new smells and sounds, but it also promotes a sense of freedom and adventure… Characteristics that are a natural part of a cat’s personality!

The Outdoor Harness & Leash Set is designed for ultimate comfort, enjoyment and safety, keeping both you and your cat in mind. It can be used to train your cat to be comfortable and familiar walking on a leash, but can also be used to level up your cat’s current walking routine, with a harness that is designed for optimal comfort.

Key features

COMFORTABLE & CHIC DESIGN | Made from breathable mesh and a soft velvety fabric, the harness keeps your cat cool and comfortable. Available in a variety of beautiful and bright colors, it features multiple reflective strips on both front and back side to keep your kitten visible in dark environments. Plus it looks super beautiful and fashionable against all fur colors. Wonder if it will fit your kitty? The Outdoor Harness & Leash Set features an adjustable belt, made to fit most cat’s body shapes, and comes in sizes S to 3XL (see size guide below)

WITH YOUR CAT’S SAFETY IN MIND | The harness is an easy slip-on, slip-off design with fast-release and super-secure buckles promoting both versatility and security. The velcro under the safety buckle and the sturdy D-rings + 360° rotatable swivel hook link the harness and leash together, meaning it is fully escape-proofed. No need to worry about your cat escaping or slipping out of the harness. The vest design also evenly distributes leash pressure across the chest and shoulder, which can prevent your cat from getting hurt when pulling.

 | The harness can be used for walking, running, hiking and even travelling with your cat. It’s suitable for all outdoor activities, including walks in nature as well as in busier areas. It's also the perfect way to allow your cat to enjoy some sunshine outside!


Product Includes
1 x Cat Harness & Leash Set

Polyester Canvas + Mesh Fabric

Size Guide
S (Small)
Bust 9.4cm-11.0cm
Neck Circumference 7.9cm-9.4cm
Recommended Weight: 1.1-3.3 lbs

M (Medium)
Bust 11.0cm-12.6cm
Neck Circumference 9.4cm-11.0cm
Recommended Weight: 3.3-6.6 lbs

L (Large)
Bust 12.6cm-14.2cm
Neck Circumference 11.0cm-11.8cm
Recommended Weight: 6.6-9.9 lbs

XL (Extra-Large)
Bust 15.7cm-18.1cm
Neck Circumference 13.4cm-15.0cm
Recommended Weight: 11-15.4 lbs

XXL (2-Extra Large)
Bust 18.1cm-23.2cm
Neck Circumference 14.2cm-16.5cm
Recommended Weight: 16.5-22 lbs

XXXL (3-Extra Large)
Bust 23.2cm-25.6cm
Neck Circumference 19.3cm-22.0cm
Recommended Weight: 22-27.5 lbs

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All cat caves are made with 100% high quality ethically sourced merino wool. All natural and organic.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are usually shipped out within 24 hours and take 2-8 days to arrive anywhere in the USA. See our shipping page if shipping internationally. We offer returns see full page from menu.


Cat caves fit almost all cats. Our standard large cave dimensions:

Width ~ 19 inches
Height ~ 10-11 inches
Hole ~ 7-8 inches

Cleaning Instructions

They are easy to clean, hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water and re-shape while wet, then leave to dry naturally. 

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Handmade for a good cause

Every cat cave is handmade by women in Nepal who we pay 200% the average wage. Only using the softest highest quality merino wool. When you purhase today a percentage also goes towards cat shelters.

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    If you do not absolutely love your cat caves, simply return them for a full refund if there is anything wrong with it. Although we have an impressively high review score.