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Portable Cat Hair Remover Brush | Cleaning Products

Portable Cat Hair Remover Brush | Cleaning Products

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Looking for a quick, fuss-free and easy way to remove pet hair from your furnishing, surfaces, upholstery and clothes? Want to keep your Cat Cave clean and hair-free?

The Portable Cat Hair Remover Brush is a smart little gadget that easily and effortlessly removes hair, fluff and shed from all possible surfaces in your house, as well as, you guessed it, our Cat Caves!

In fact, it's the tried & tested way to achieve a spanking-clean Cat Cave, in just minutes.

Simply grab your brush and go over the outside and inside of your Cat Cave, brushing downwards. In just a matter of minutes you will be left with a clean Cat Cave… ready for your cat to jump right back in!

What’s more, is that this device is really multi-functional and can be repurposed to remove pilling, lint and crumbs from curtains, carpets, upholstery, clothes and car seats… Have other house pets? It works just as well for removing dog, rabbit and hamster hair.

No doubt, cats enrich our lives with love, happiness and cuddles... but they also (unfortunately) bless us with endless amount of fur & fluff, scattered all around the house. The stubborn kind of pet hair that never seems to run out, no matter how much you scrape, vacuum or collect. 

So trust us, if you’re a cat owner, if you own a Cat Cave and want to get rid of hair quickly and easily, this will be your most used and most loved cleaning tool. 

Save time? Check!

Save money? Check, check!

Save your house & Cat Cave from unwanted pet hair? Check, check, check!



-Designed using durable, high-quality materials: wood + a pure copper blade

-Multi-functional & versatile: use to remove hair, lint, pilling and crumbs from all surfaces, furnishing and clothes

-Lightweight and easy-to-hold handle

-Battery-free and no charging necessary

-Sleek, fuss-free design

-Easy to carry & simple to store

-Quick & efficient, removes pet hair in just minutes


Product Size: 16x14CM


Shipping Time:
The shipping time will vary depending on your location and the product ordered. Our estimated shipping time is 1-3 weeks on this product but please refer to our refund and shipping policy for further details or to our FAQ page for additional information. 


All cat caves are made with 100% high quality ethically sourced merino wool. All natural and organic.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are usually shipped out within 24 hours and take 2-8 days to arrive anywhere in the USA. See our shipping page if shipping internationally. We offer returns see full page from menu.


Cat caves fit almost all cats. Our standard large cave dimensions:

Width ~ 19 inches
Height ~ 10-11 inches
Hole ~ 7-8 inches

Cleaning Instructions

They are easy to clean, hand wash in lukewarm water, press out any excess water and re-shape while wet, then leave to dry naturally. 

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Handmade for a good cause

Every cat cave is handmade by women in Nepal who we pay 200% the average wage. Only using the softest highest quality merino wool. When you purhase today a percentage also goes towards cat shelters.

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    We believe when you order a product, it should arrive fast. That's why your order is always shipped out within 24 hours and only takes 2-8 days to arrive.

  • Hassle-Free Returns

    If you do not absolutely love your cat caves, simply return them for a full refund if there is anything wrong with it. Although we have an impressively high review score.