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The Double Sided Pro Grooming Glove Evercat OTO

Want to get rid of those annoying loose hairs?

Our high-quality materials offer you a very different and enjoyable way of grooming your kitten! With the gloves selected silica gel and breathable mesh, give your cat a stimulating massage while you also protect your hand with the softness of this product

The condition of your cat’s hair is more than just appearances, it’s also a reflection of your feline’s health

  • Getting purrs isn’t the only reason why you should groom your cat’s hair regularly, strengthening bonds is very important too!
  • Establish a grooming regime in your cat’s life. Our grooming silicon glove promotes blood circulation at night, helping your cat relax and making them healthier.
  • Easy to use, you will love it! You just peel off the hair, and that’s all. Our glove comes with an adjustable Velcro strap making it purrfect for everyone to wear, it will not fall off.
  • Keep your furniture as new! With its amazing double-sided velour, you can easily remove the smallest hairs from clothes, furniture, and carpet.
  • You can choose from right or left hand. Also, you can save time! Getting both gloves, we guarantee your cat will ADORE IT!

If you’re looking to keep your cat’s hair shiny, look no further than the silicon grooming glove!

Good to know:

  • Size: 23.5 cm long and 17.5 cm wide
  • Material: Silica gel
  • Weight: 80g

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