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Cat Must-Haves Bundle | Special Offers

Looking for the perfect gift for hooman and kitten alike? Look no further- we've put together the ultimate bundle of goodies they will love! This exclusive Cat Must-Haves Bundle of Cat Cave Co goodies is on offer for a limited time only and gives you 20% off the usual total price.


1 x Cat Cave*
1 x The Double Bowl Cat Feeder
1 x Portable Cat Hair Remover Brush


The Cat Cave is the first 100% eco-friendly pet bed made for a good cause that looks beautiful and provides endless fun for the whole family! Each Cat Cave is hand felted with love from the highest quality soft merino wool to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. Not only are our caves beautiful and super durable. They make cats feel safe and secure from their unusual design. Read on to discover their amusing story and benefits.

The Double Bowl Cat Feeder is the cutest new treat and health must-have for your cat! It is designed with a tilt of 15° to increase the base, so as to reduce the cervical vertebra compression caused by excessive lowering of the head when the pet eats, reducing stress and making it easier for your cat to eat. 

    The Portable Cat Hair Remover Brush is a smart little gadget that easily and effortlessly removes hair, fluff and shed from all possible surfaces in your house, as well as, you guessed it, our Cat CavesSo trust us, if you’re a cat owner, if you own a Cat Cave and want to get rid of hair quickly and easily, this will be your most used and most loved cleaning tool. 


    Give the gift of Cat Cave Co, to yourself, your friends & cats everywhere. The purrrfect combination of products for felines & feline's hooman! Happiness & purrrs guaranteed.


    *Please note that as part of this bundle, our bestselling Heather Grey Cat Cave will be shipped. If you would like to substitute for an alternative (1 or 2 tone cave) colour, please email after placing your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However since all orders ship the same day, we cannot guarantee a substitute.

    Hand Made For A Good Cause

    Every single Cat Cave is hand made with love, using 100% eco-friendly materials. No nasties. Just beautiful cat beds that are good for the world. Supporting women in under-developed communities.

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